"Vernon Subutex", the comic strip: from the pen of Virginie Despentes to the brush of Luz

“Vernon Subutex.Tome I”, by Virginie Despentes and Luz, Albin Michel, 304 p., € 29.90, digital € 20 (in bookstores on November 12).

Even through the videophone, the admiration and affection that bind these two is obvious.Virginie Despentes and Luz listen to each other attentively, make each other laugh and take obvious pleasure in telling together how they worked on the comic book adaptation of the saga of the first, Vernon Subutex (Grasset, 2015-2017), of which the first of the two planned volumes appears.The writer and the designer barely knew each other before.had met in 2011 during a special issue of Charlie Hebdo on feminism.

After the dazzling success of the romantic trilogy dedicated to the former record store Vernon, homeless man and genius DJ (1.5 million copies sold), adaptation proposals have poured in.Channel + has made a series of it (2019 ), debunked by the author.The idea of a comic book version was suggested by several editors, without triggering her enthusiasm."But hey, if I really had to suggest someone to work with, remembers Virginie Despentes, I thought of Luz, whose work I know well, I told myself that he would understand everything about the book, its relationship to rock, its queer side as well as its political side.I also told myself that he was going to refuse."

"Dream duo"

Luz continues laughing: “You especially thought that I would be nowhere to be found! "The designer, who worked at Charlie Hebdo until 2015, and signed the famous post-attack cover where Muhammad holds the sign" Everything is forgiven ", left Paris, the same year, for an undisclosed place, and lives under protection - moreover, if the interview with "Le Monde des livres", in mid-October, was done by screen, while the new confinement has not yet been declared, it is because, at the Following the attack on Charlie's former premises on September 25, in the midst of the January terrorist attacks, it was deemed more prudent not to bring Luz to Paris.

Posted Date: 2020-12-12

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